Personnel philosophy

Our workforce represents our greatest potential

Respect for one another and a frank and open working ethos form the basis for successful corporate development in the long term. Storopack offers continuous support to its staff members in their personal development, while offering the necessary freedom for creativity, further education and self improvement.

Only satisfied employees make good employees

We aim to encourage each and every member of our workforce to directly contribute their skills and to enjoy taking an active role in shaping the successful development of our company group. A focused, cooperative style of management and performance-matched remuneration are integral to our motivation-orientated corporate culture. It is only by bringing all of these aspects together that we will achieve sustainable corporate success through our combined efforts.

What we expect of our employees

We expect our employees to bring the following attributes to the company:

  • Commitment and independent initiative
  • Identification with the company and its objectives
  • Flexibility
  • Receptiveness to continuous further training
  • Good command of English
  • Social competence and interest in other cultures