Vision & Guidelines
Vision & Guidelines

As a globally active family firm, we attach great importance to maintaining values and standards in our dealings with employees, customers and associates, and as a basis on which to achieve our corporate goals. We are very aware of our economic and social responsibility and work proactively to ensure its further development. With this aim in mind, we have joined together with all our national companies in a globally aligned process to elaborate a set of principles entitled “Vision & Guidelines”. These form the basis for all our joint actions. These principles are outlined below:

I. Our Business

Our areas of core competence lie in first-class packaging solutions and molded parts.

  1. We concentrate primarily on applications in the fields of protective packaging and molded parts made of expandable foams.
  2. We regard it as an on-going challenge to provide the appropriate solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers with the highest level of service.
  3. The customers, the markets and our capabilities are the guiding thread through everything we do.

Storopack strives to be the premier brand in our chosen markets.


II. Satisfied customers are the basis of our success

Our livelihood is derived through our customers.

  1. We listen and learn from the tasks our customers set us, so that our products, services and long-term relationships are further improved.
  2. Storopack supplies its markets with excellent value products and services.
  3. We satisfy the needs of our customers to the greatest possible extent by having a local presence supported by our corporate network.

We create genuine added value for our customer’s products.


III. Innovation is focused on our core business

Together with our customers and suppliers we develop and supply innovative solutions.

  1. Our packaging solutions in the fields of protective packaging ensure that our customer’s products can be transported and stored undamaged.
  2. Our molded parts made of expandable foams not only increase the functionality of customer’s products but also optimise the possibilities for their own further development, design, and technology.
  3. Our product lines and solutions are developed through pro-active worldwide technological research and communication of international Storopack teams.
  4. We are interested in cooperation agreements on new business developments.

Our innovations are thus primarily directed towards better application of our products and increased value-creation.


IV. Suppliers can become partners

Good suppliers can become strategic partners, a key component of our success.

  1. We are interested in long lasting, reliable relationships with our suppliers.
  2. We rely on our suppliers and accordingly expect quality, punctuality and reliability. Only with good supplier relationships joint innovations and developments are possible from which both sides benefit.
  3. The value-for-money that our suppliers offer must bear a reasonable relationship to our long-term requirements for quality and service.

Suppliers that are crucial to the core business areas and that are considered to be trustworthy can become partners.


V. Building markets worldwide

We are close to our customers and understand their needs.

  1. Storopack is present wherever our products are needed and the general conditions are suitable.
  2. We actively analyze and develop markets worldwide.
  3. Storopack politely respects the people, cultures and environment everywhere in the world.
  4. We market our products internationally.
  5. We are interested in cooperation arrangements wherever markets can be developed.

Within global markets we act fast and with a long-term perspective.


VI. Employees are the key to success

Motivated employees, our most valuable asset.

  1. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.
  2. Our open and respectful way of dealing with one another creates the basis for the long-term and successful development of the company.
  3. Storopack promotes a continuous improvement process through the investment in training and development of our employees.
    In return, employees are expected to contribute to the best of their ability.
  4. Initiative and proposals are encouraged. If mistakes happen we discuss them openly, we learn from our mistakes. They are regarded as an opportunity for shared learning.
  5. Individual and departmental goals and objectives are always drawn from the corporate interests.

Our employees represent our greatest potential and make the difference.


VII. Executive managers set the example

The additional responsibilities of our executive managers are defined and must be implemented.

  1. Executive management is responsible for motivation and development of team members to display social, cultural and environmental awareness.
  2. Our executive managers show focused initiative towards the overall objective and are accountable for their responsibilities.
  3. The executive team is networked nationally and internationally and is willing to travel.
  4. Each executive manager ensures a consistent image of Storopack, internally and externally.

Together, employees and executive managers form a powerful team.


VIII. A family-owned company with values

Storopack is a living example of the strengths of a family-owned company.

  1. The continued existence of Storopack as a family-owned company is the foremost priority.
  2. The philosophy of our family-owned company offers substantial personal development opportunities and requires personal commitment, responsibility and cooperation. This includes not only the retention of the successful tradition and human relationships but also flexibility, quick decision making and response to needs.
  3. Our entrepreneurial actions take into account our responsibility towards the environment and to society at large. Our style is sincere, straightforward and designed for continuity.
  4. At Storopack the relationship between debt and equity capital is solid and healthy. Thus, long-term value development
    is more important than short-term profits.
  5. Profitability, efficiency, deployment of resources and adequate exploitation of value are necessary to maintain the company’s financial strength and is intended to secure its long-term independence from outside investors.

Our central guiding yardstick is the long-term development of the value of Storopack as an independent family-owned company.