Storopack Environmental Policy

Storopack Environmental Policy

Storopack “Vision & Guidelines”, a formally agreed set of principles among all Storopack employees, demand actions which take into account responsibility towards the environment and to society at large. Our style is fair minded, straightforward and designed for continuity. Executive management is responsible for motivation and development of employees to display social, cultural and environmental awareness. The full version of our “Vision & Guidelines” can be seen on our website under “Corporate Philosophy”.

Our products are of virgin raw materials or where possible with up to 100 % post consumer recycle content. Our products marked with the term “bio” are made of renewable raw materials and are biodegradable. They have always obtained official certification from reputable independent institutions (DIN CERTCO, and BPI,

In line with this we oppose to all other products labeled “bio” or “biodegradable” that measure themselves against lesser standards which thereby mislead customers and create credibility problems for our entire industry, i.e. plastic products with oxo or micro additives, which do in reality not biodegrade but only disintegrate and by that become invisible. Those products also significantly harm a proper recycle circuit.

To make orientation easy for you we mark our products with “4R” indicating the following properties: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, and RENEW.

In the following we describe what we mean with those terms:


This product and its production process are designed to reduce natural resource usage


This product can be reused up to several times for its original purpose.


Post consumer or post industrial waste of this product can replace virgin raw materials.


This product is produced of renewable raw material, e.g. wood or plants.

Please see under “Environmental“ on our website for each of our products. In case you have questions related to our environmental policy in general or related to products, then please contact us via e-mail or phone.

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