Das Leistungsspektrum von Storopack
The Storopack Process

The Storopack Process

Storopack Range of Services

This process diagram is exemplary. It shows our entire range of performance, from which our customers can make use of one, several or all business sectors.

01 Analysis

The analysis phase is integral to the success of this process. We concentrate intensively here on our customer‘s product, the packaging materials used at present, means of transport and organization of the existing packaging process. We have to understand all of your needs and objectives.

02 Process and cost optimization

Using the findings of this analysis, concrete measures are planned for optimization of the packaging process and the cost situation. The aim is, above all, overall cost optimization for our customers.

03 Development

On the basis of the optimization process, we develop the perfect packaging solution. This solution may use standard products or may just as well generate individual, new products.

04 Production

Under continuously monitored quality standards, we produce the developed protective packaging solutions and guarantee that our products and machines are integrated perfectly in our customer‘s packaging process.

05 Delivery

For the supply of our products and solutions, we follow the national and international requirements of our customers. The selection of suitable means of transport, just-in-time delivery and our world-wide production locations ensure that we are in the right place at the right time.

06 Service

Our services are not limited just to personal support by our packaging specialists or to on-site service. We also keep our customers permanently informed about new technologies, materials and processes, and advise them about adapting existing packaging sequences.