Made-to-measure protective packaging from EPS, EPP and Neopor

Whatever the products you need to package, using protective packaging made of expanded foam will ensure they reach their destination safely.
A promise too far? Absolutely not: We will work together with you to develop solutions specifically tailored to your individual needs – ensuring that your products are received by your customers in perfect condition every time.
This is the goal we aspire to and which we work to achieve day in, day out. 

Technical Molded Parts made of EPS, EPP and Neopor

Storopack develops and produces bespoke technical moldings for individual customers made of expanded foams such as EPS (expanded polystyrene), EPP (expanded polypropylene) and Neopor for different fields of industry.

Light weight, resilience, durability, good insulating properties and water resistance are just some of the material properties valued by our customers in the technical sector. As early as the pre-development stage, our expert development team provides a comprehensive advisory service, helping to deliver the optimum made-to-measure solution working hand in hand with our customers.